Magic Nudge with google docs

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Tired of sending the same emails over and over again? Mailing list chaos?

All you need is a Gmail account to enable Magic Nudge.

Magic Nudge is an automatic tool that sends emails and reminders to different mailing lists.
    • Saves time and money
    • Easy to use
    • Streamlines work process

So what is a nudge?

A nudge is a template of body text with an emailing list. once setup the nudge sends an email to the email list automatically.
All messages created using Magic Nudge will be saved should you decide to update, change or delete to create a new message.

Instructions for creating a new nudge:
    1. In order to launch the application, must first copy the file, which will automatically be saved in your google docs home page.
    2. At the main sheet, in column A, write the name of the new nudge.
    3. A new nudge will open automatically with its own sheet.  Note: the sheet of each nudge will also contain the mailing list and other details such as how many times the nudge was sent and when.
    4. Go back to the main sheet, select the new nudge, insert the email title in column B and the message in the body text in column C.
You can always change the nudges name, title, message in the body text and the mailing list.

Instructions to operate the nudge- sending an email:
    1. Click nudge service.
    2. Click send emails by Magic Nudge to open the list of nudges .
    3. Choose the nudges from the list that you want to start (you can start a few nudges at the same time) Click send.

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