Task manager with google calendar 

Cant deal with your tasks around the office? 
use google calendar! 

A Great method to track and manage tasks around the office. all you need is google calendar.

      • Easy & simple to use
      • Give the manager a full control
      • Saves time and money

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This solution use only google calendar in a develish smart way.


Using google calendar you can manage tasks around the office . 
Shows a simple workflow - you can use & costomize your own after you understand the concept . 
1. Create and share with your office 3 statuses (my calendars):
      1. tasks to do
        1. working on it
        2. completed
      2. Post an event (a task) to the calendar. 
      3. When someone takes a task he change the task status (the event status) to 2-working on it. 
       (let the others know that its taken cared off ).                  
      4. When a task comleted - change to completed so all the office will know that the task is done ! 

      You will know exactly when tasks are completed and by who !