WebShed Easy CRM

If you tried lots of CRM systems and it always felt wrong - you will love this app!
Intuitive, and simple as... spreadsheet !
You can now decide exactly how your system will behave, define the workflow and let up to 50 users collaborate data.

Modular and easy to use: WebShed CRM grows with your business, start simple expand and evolve over time.

Native google docs- enjoy the power of Webshed CRM anywhere - be Productive Anywhere - organise and collaborate while mobile.

    • FREE
    • Easy to use
    • Improve interactions with customers
    • No need to learn any new system !

Instructions for creating a new CRM:
    1. In order to launch the application, must first copy the file, which will automatically be saved in your google docs home page.
    2. Click on the button of "Create folder" (first level in chart).
    3. Click on the button of "Add Client" and add a new client (second level in chart).
    4. Choose a client and click the button of "Add History" (third level in chart).
    5. Now you can delete all the buttons and use the menu!
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