Contacts Sync

Synchronize all the contacts from mail accounts to one sheet. Create one sheet that holds all the organization contacts. Export, import and sync contacts in one click.

    • All contacts in one place
    • Easy to use
    • Native google solution

Native google solution - no app needed - uses google apps scripts - all you need is google docs.

Instructions for creating a new contacts sync:
    1. In order to launch the application, must first copy the file, which will automatically be saved in your google docs home page.
    2. Import all your contacts with simple click on "import contacts" (in Contact sync menu). 
    3. Export all the contacts to your gmail account in one click on "export"!

Export a list of all the contacts from all the users in your Google Apps environment-
just by sharing the spreadsheet with them & asking them to press the import button.

Works for both gmail or apps users.

Try the Contact Sync - contacts sync